Comms System Hire

Comms System Hire

Wired (XLR) Beltpack Headset Outstations

Comms System Hire

The BP111 is a tough, light-weight beltpack suitable for use on the belt, free standing or on a wall. It has been designed to withstand portable use where care is not always taken by the user.

  • Robust extruded aluminium case – virtually indestructible
  • Recessed controls and connectors – prevents breakage
  • XLR 3 pin connectors – compatible with standard mic cables
  • Rugged, non-tangle beltclip – also useful for wallhanging
  • Specially moulded glass filled nylon bezel protects the unit if dropped
  • Limiter on mic amp – prevents distortion due to overload
  • Mic on-off switch – prevents unwanted noise on circuit
  • Black finish – minimises visibility in stage applications
  • Coloured bezels available as spare parts to enable colour coding of beltpacks

Master Station

Comms System Hire Each system comes with its own Master Station which enables up to three seperate circuits. This would enable your front of house, monitor  and stage manager to all talk to each other whilst your lighting engineer and and spotlight operator can talk on another circuit without having to listen to anyone else. Alternatively you can link all circuits and everybody can hear each other.


Comms System Hire

Each beltpack comes with it’s own headset with microphone






Comms System Hire: Many combinations available starting  from just 2 beltpack sets.

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