Ex Hire Equipment Sales

ex hire equipment sales

ex hire equipment sales

ex hire equipment sales


TC electronics vocaliser

DBX  223 xl x/ovr

Alesis  Dual comp gate

Midiverb 2

DBX 266 xl Dual comp gate

Lexicon MPX1 Multi Effects

Lexicon PCM 60 (Classic  Rvb)

SPX 90 Multi fx

SPX 900 Multi fx

Pulse cd player

Roland SRV 300 Rvb (Classic)

Formula sound Guardian System Limiter

2 x Citronic  24 DSM 2-6 Speaker Management system(Same as Dod)



Behringer dual 31 eq

Pulse dual 31 eq

2 x Dod dual 31 eq

Peavey 1u 31 band eq

Arx anti feedback 31 eq


Behringer LC 24 12 Lighting desk,Flightcased with memory card

Package of 14 working Moving head lights

Plus 2 with pan errors (Repairable)

And 3 units for spare parts            enough to start a hire company  £2.5k


1x 40 x 16 ch Soundcraft sm16 Monitor board


2 x C-Audio RA 3001 625w/4ohm pc

2 x C-Audio XR 3801 1200w/4ohm pc

1 x C-Audio SR 606 650w/4 pc

Roland SRA 540 400w/4 pc


4 x JBL wedges 300w (Lightweight)

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