Hotrod Heyride

Hot Rod Heyride 2013 Pa Hire

Pa Hire for Marquee’s, Venues and Racecourse.

Bisley - Pa Hire -

View from the side verandaDSCN2834

Another sell out event!

Another sell out event, Showcraft supplied Pa and Lighting for the main arena, Roller Derby, Freak Tent, Hill billy Bar & Racecourse.with people coming from around the world to see this amazing collection of custom cars and listen to the live music of the era. This event is very colourful and has amazing photo opportunities.

DSCN2805 DSCN2842


I hope you all went home feeling thoroughly ashamed…
And why would you come? It’s not as if you can trailer your billion dollar car there, which you had built entirely out of platinum (apart from the gold bits) and show off a lot, because no one will take any notice — what a pointless weekend!!! And you’d have to mix with all those grubby tattooed types who are all busy having fun with their old cars and bikes and will either have their head stuck under a bonnet or in a pie, or in some cases both. They listen to weird old hillbilly and roots r’n’b, they watch burlesque and freak shows… and they seem to laugh a lot so they are clearly not quite right in the head. No one wants to mix with ‘those’ types… do they??? A magazine once sneered at the Hayride as being for the ‘turn up’ brigade… stupid old jeans… stupid old cars… stupid old music…

I think the same guy failed to sign the Beatles?

Yellow TPa Hire

Watch Deke Dickerson in action at the Heyride:

Stromberg Soapbox Derby

If you have a saw, glue, a hammer, some string and an old bit of plywood… clearly you should get out more and collect more interesting things. Failing that, you can stay in your shed this winter and build a Soapbox…. all the thrills and spills you can imagine – if you have a very limited imagination… Kids, Dogs, Adults, Idiots, all welcome! All Soapbox entrants win a DVD and T Shirt and the winner wins a genuine Stromberg Carburettor donated by The irony of not being able to use this on a Soapbox has been pointed out… thank you. No one likes a smart arse… Stromberg Soap CartRace

Pa Hire

All the way from the USA

We are also very proud (and slightly afraid) to have flown in from New York, the award winning PRETTY THINGS (USA). Hard to describe but; cabaret/sword swallowing/nails up the nose/sex/feathers/funny/flesh/glamour/can’t look/fire breathing probably sum up the first couple of minutes… Check out the Circus Freak Tent… just don’t be stupid and volunteer for anything.

New this year, we continue our theme of crazy stuff on wheels and host theHayride Roller Derby Cup! Two teams of crazy girls are let loose on our FULL SIZE ROLLER DERBY RINK, to whizz round and nearly kill each other for your entertainment. Girls fighting on wheels… what’s not to love? We have Paramedics on standby… mainly for the men who swoon to the ground whilst watching…

See you in 2014







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