Stage Monitor Systems

Stage Monitor Systems

Stage monitoring is taken very seriously by top professionals, and should be by anyone working in live performance, right down to pub gig or theatre foyer level. Good monitoring consists of having the right equipment, suitable for the nature of the venue and performance, setting it up well and, of course, operating it effectively.

Martin Le400

Probably the most used wedge in the world.

Very loud 15″ woofer with a 1″ compression driver. Speakon inputs.

Stage Monitor Systems le400



_________________________________£20 per day: Week £40


 JBL 600w Wedge

A slightly sweeter sound than the Martin Le400. Loaded with JBL 15″ woofer and JBL 1″ compression driver.

Stage Monitor Systems jbl wedge

JBL wedge monitor


_________________________________£20 per day: Week £40


Requirements of musicians

Above all, musicians need to feel that they are making great sounds. If they feel that the performance is good, the performance will be good and the audience will go away whistling the tunes. Also, performers need to feel secure. Security comes from knowing what the other band members are doing, knowing where they are in the song, and being certain that the notes and rhythms they are playing fit in with the rest of the band.

So let’s imagine you’re the lead singer of a band. The lead singer needs to feel that his or her voice is strong, in tune, and communicating emotion to the audience. Clarity and good tone of voice are paramount. Also, the lead singer needs to hear the band, so that they know they are in tune and are fully comfortable that the band are following them precisely. If the band are playing to a click track or a recorded backing, strict tempo will be an issue and the lead singer may need the band to be more emphasised in the foldback, since now everyone has to follow the click (even though only the drummer would normally hear it) or recording; the band cannot follow the singer.

The other band members have their own individual requirements, but in general they also need to feel that they sound great. They need to hear the vocal, too, otherwise they might have a blank moment and forget whether they’re in verse two or verse three (that’s scary when it happens). They will also have a preference about which other instruments they need to hear most clearly, to feel as though they’re ‘gelling’ with the rest of the band.

We can offer individual items or packages of stage monitors and amplifiers all flightcased and ready to go.




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